Saturday, December 1, 2007

AnimeIowa 2008

Welcome all you Anime fans! I'm sure you're just as excited for AI '08 as I am. I plan to take lots and lots of pictures this year - as I'm sure the rest of you are too. Don't forget too view my Anime Iowa 2008 Pictures as soon as I get them up, because they'll be posted online instantly throughout the convention! I've made it super easy to put them online, and soon I'll make it so you can send me yours too.

This upcoming convention is going to be so much fun. I'll be looking for you, especially the Final Fantasy VII fans out there... well... that's all of you. Right? *evil grin* I would certainly hope so, otherwise Sephiroth just might get a tiny bit unhappy. I'll be wearing my Cosplay 'costume' *cough* and hopefully not whacking anybody with my actual-size sword. Yes, that's right, my sword is actual size, aka really long.

The only problem I ever have with my outfit is that damn wig. It's the best I got, and it's not nearly accurate enough for me. If you just happen to know someplace local that I can get a way better one for under $100, let me know?

Oh, and last year, I bought 5 plushies - and my Cloud, Vincent, and Sephiroth were all knock-offs... but they were cheap and I'm happy with them anyway. It's not my fault if Square isn't making anymore or enough of them.